Welcome to Tera Networks

Tera Networks is a leading provider of managed hosting, managed services and disaster recovery solutions to all small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise customers. Tera Networks offers scalable outsourced IT infrastructure management solutions that provide customers what they need, when they need it. Customers will receive customized solutions for your IT network, including:

Tera Networks is quickly becoming the hosting company of choice for companies that demand more from their IT infrastructure partner. All while optimizing clients’ ROI and delivering more.

Together with our team of certified technicians and our NOC (Network Operations Center) we can easily take charge of your business process. By doing so we can almost guarantee that your business will be more profitable, simply by us decreasing down time from your computer systems and increasing productivity.

Most IT firms work on a break fix model where you can simply call their service an extended warranty on your devices. At Tera Networks we take the proactive approach as opposed to the reactive approach. Preventing a problem before it even occurs is the more intelligent route.

We hope that business owners can take advantage of our services so that they may be more focused on their core business instead of worrying about a server or a workstation going down.

For additional information on available services, please contact us at 1 877 TERA 444 or email us by clicking here.