Manage & Monitor

Tera Networks Remote Manage & Monitor service give you peace of mind that your critical network devices such as your servers, routers, firewall and network services such as email, web and backup are running smoothly.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors your network devices 24 x 7 remotely and our engineers are equipped to handle the issue using state-of-the-art tools and our network services guidebook documentation. Our Remote Support allows our engineers to securely log into the server pinpoint the problem and resolve it remotely. The service is convenient and provides a fast response because support can be done 24 x 7 without your intervention or any disruption.

Tera Networks Manage & Monitor provides the following benefits:

  • PC Monitoring and Optimization : We perform a PC tune-up on your computer as needed, as well as make sure you have the current service packs and patches to keep your system healthy.
  • Server Monitoring and Optimization : We monitor several aspects of your server environment to maximize the performance. The monitoring allows us to make needed changes to optimize the performance of your servers and reduce the risk of downtime.
  • Network Monitoring : The network is the core of your computing environment and arguably the most critical component. We proactively monitor the health of your network to improve adherence to corporate policies, network performance, and security.
  • Updates : We can monitor your entire organization's software versions to simplify updates and can update your software remotely to minimize the impact of upgrades on your users. This also helps to ensure that the entire organization is using the same version of software at all times.
  • Software Distribution : Software Distribution provides a secure method to remotely distribute applications and updates for the PCs and servers throughout your organization. This is providedfrom our central infrastructure without any effort by you. This helps minimize application conflicts and ensures standardized software throughout your organization.
  • DNS Management : We manage your entire Domain Name Server (DNS) functions to ensure the needed services function properly to allow you to focus on more important areas. This ensures that your DNS information is kept current to minimize any risk of downtime.
  • Vulnerability Monitoring : Vulnerability monitoring services help protect your computing environment from attack around the clock. Ongoing, proactive monitoring is required in today's environment where there are new vulnerabilities emerging daily. As critical patches are released or zero-day exploits appear, our security team works to mitigate the risk to your environment.
  • Secure Wireless Management : Wireless networks can create an additional security risk if not configured and managed properly. This service improves the security of your network and is particularly helpful in industries such as healthcare and insurance that have additional requirements.
  • Automated Online Reporting : Online reports provide summary information and details about many areas of your computing environment and services provided. You have access to user details, asset information, support incidents, hold time, time-to-resolution, restored files, e-mail statistics and more.
  • Firewall VPN Management : We can set up a virtual private network (VPN). This provides us with a dedicated connection to your offices for ongoing remote monitoring and updates. In addition If identified as a business requirement, we will also provide configuration and support for end-user VPN connections or VPN connections to your business partners. Remote user VPN connections allow your employees to securely access the corporate network without the need to be on-site.
  • PC Virus Protection : Managing PCs free of viruses is a significant concern for all companies in today's world is very challenging and a significant threat to any organization. Our automated virus protection service checks each PCs virus pattern file hourly for each PC user that is connected to the corporate network. If the users are off the network temporarily, the files are updated when reconnected to ensure the highest level of virus protection.
  • Remote PC Backup and Data Recovery : Without any effort on your part, we automatically backup all of your PCs to ensure your data is safe and secure. Each employee's PC is automatically backed up behind the scenes to ensure each user has access to their files whenever they need them. We take the steps necessary to protect against data loss commonly caused by viruses, hackers, hard-drive crashes, power failures, accidental deletions, and other user errors. In the event that a user experiences a failure, we provide a data recovery function that allows PCs to restore a user's local data.
  • Spyware Protection and Removal : Spyware has become a growing problem that slows PC performance when opening programs or saving files, causes unwanted pop-up windows, changes the browser's home page, and causes other random problems. We help provide tools that check PCs for Spyware, and help remove infections. This improves the reliability and security of your PC environment.
  • PC Patch Management : Patch management helps you automate the installation of critical updates and patches. Without centralized monitoring and management, it can be difficult to keep all of your PCs up-to-date. We work with you to coordinate testing of patches prior to deployment in your environment. We help automate this process to provide the maximum level of reliability and protection for your entire PC environment.
  • Web Content Filtering and Reporting : Although the web can be a useful business tool, it can also impact employee productivity and present new risks. Our optional web content filtering solution allows organizations to filter or block any unwanted content that either creates a liability for your organization by accessing pornography, hate, shopping, games, entertainment, etc.
  • Server Backup Monitoring & Administration : The critical data on your servers is your company's greatest asset. We help you setup a backup process to ensure the greatest protection of your data. We monitor and maintain you backup daily. We monitor backup logs and immediately notify you if there are critical errors during the backup process. We will also assists in restoring data in the event of data loss to minimize business disruption.
  • Server Security Administration : We monitor your servers to ensure maximum security and control. In addition to monitoring your servers, we track changes to system and configuration files. This enables you to more easily determine where changes occurred and take corrective action when needed.
  • Server Virus Protection : In additional to keeping PCs free of viruses, companies must also ensure all of the servers in the network are equally protected. Our automated virus protection service checks each server that is connected to the corporate network hourly to ensure a current virus pattern file.
  • Server Patch Management : With the growing range of critical updates for servers, it can be difficult to keep all your servers current. We help you automate the installation of critical updates and patches to maintain the performance and security of your servers.
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM : Anti-virus and Anti-SPAM services provide the highest level of virus and SPAM protection. The service processes all e-mail to scan for viruses and SPAM before any message enters your network. The service utilizes virus protection services from two leading vendors and updates pattern files every ten minutes to minimize exposure to newly realized viruses that can spread quickly.