Tera G (Go Green with Tera G)

Tera G is our initiative to help the environment by reducing IT related inefficiencies and eWaste. Since IT is our expertise, we can focus on reducing technology impacts on the environment for our customers. All of our efforts add up to have a broad impact as we support customers in all 50 states. Tera Networks Tera G has three main areas of emphasis:


While we often associate our innovation with making IT simple, manageable and affordable, our innovation also has positive effects on the environment. For example, our Small Office Solution takes several technologies and integrates them onto one server for offices with less than 50 users. Most products only handle a few of the feature sets, so we use one server that literally replaces a closet room of devices at each location. Each of the devices we replace would require raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, power consumption and eventually disposal. It is innovation like the Small Office Solution that Tera Networks helps our customers make a positive impact on the environment that they could not do on their own.


Tera Networks service model is based on providing IT services from one central location. We have built capabilities to provide remote support to solve most IT related issues right over the Internet. The traditional break-fix model in IT support would require someone to physically make their rounds to get to the problem. Our centralized remote support not only provides faster resolution times for increased productivity, it also results in a reduction in paper waste, travel impact and service vehicle maintenance and replacement.

Centralization also allows us to manage our customers’ technology better. By implementing power management features we can help our customers save energy costs per computer. When simple things like power management are implemented over thousands of customers, our positive impact on the environment becomes substantial.


We understand the impact recycling physical materials has on the environment and we are doing our share to make a difference.

Tera Networks Tera-G initiatives help each of our customers make a positive impact on the environment by reducing IT related inefficiencies and eWaste. Our commitment to our customers and the environment is to continually find better ways to make a difference.