SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Tera Networks offers a full suite of hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options, including hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, and hosted Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Because all mailbox data, including contacts and calendar, is stored centrally on the Exchange Server, users can connect via a variety of devices to view their entire mailbox and seamlessly synchronize across platforms and devices. For example, users typically use Microsoft Outlook while in the office, a BlackBerry or Treo handheld while on the road, and Outlook Web Access from their homes, all without ever having to worry about synchronization of any e-mails, contacts or appointments.

Total Mobility

If you typically use Microsoft Outlook 2003 while in the office, a BlackBerry or Treo handheld while on the road, and Outlook Web Access from home, you can sync them all together. And that’s without ever worrying about missed e-mails, contacts or appointments.

Improved Productivity

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, and 2007, offers all the features and functionality of the popular application in addition to an intuitive collaboration capability for improved productivity with anywhere, anytime access.

Complete Mobile Access

  • Work anytime, anywhere — Get full access to all your e-mail folders, contacts, calendar and files from any Microsoft Outlook or browser.
  • Keep up to date — Changes made to your e-mails, contacts, calendar and files are automatically updated when accessed via any other medium.
  • Mobile access — Carry your contacts, calendar, notes and task list on the road in your PDA, whether it’s a BlackBerry, Compaq, Dell, Handspring or Palm, etc.
  • Work offline — Exchange e-mail, change contacts, schedule meetings and modify files from public folders while disconnected from the internet or offsite. Outlook keeps an offline copy of it all, and all offline-mode changes are synchronized.

Save Money

  • Save thousands of dollars by not having to purchase licenses for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
  • Eliminate the need to purchase backup software and tapes, or antivirus software.
  • Software updates are handled automatically on the servers, at no charge to you.

Maintain Data Security

  • Be secure with an enterprise-managed firewall, which includes packet inspection and intrusion detection.
  • Be protected by automatic virus checks on all inbound and outbound e-mails and their attachments.
  • Be confident that your valuable company data is in a secure data center.
  • Be sheltered because data is backed up daily — no more data loss.
  • Be safe, knowing we keep up with the latest security holes used by hackers; your data is always secure.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

  • Two-way wireless synchronization.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to all your e-mail folders, files, contacts and calendar.
  • View attachments directly from a handheld device.

Efficient Messaging Server

  • Complete, real-time wireless synchronization, without the use of a cradle.
  • Wirelessly synchronize your e-mail, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, public folders, access to your Global Address List (GAL).
  • End-to-end security via Triple-DES and AES encryption.
  • Constantly updated so your information is always up to date.

Tera Networks Hosted Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that allows users to share files on a web-based platform with complete tracking and visibility functionality.

Freedom to Share

Whether you collaborate with team members across town or with vendors overseas, Seismic Hosted Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 sites let you compare notes, share schedules and work together on virtually any type of file — anywhere, anytime, on any web browser. The service also makes it easy to launch and maintain intranets, web sites, bulletin boards and picture libraries, as well as to improve project management with shared calendars and issue-tracking capabilities.

Team Community

SharePoint sites provide places to capture and share ideas, information, communication and documents. The sites facilitate team participation in discussions, shared document collaboration and surveys. Site content is accessible both from a web browser and through clients that support SharePoint Services. The document collaboration features allow for easy check-in, checkout and document version control.

Individual Empowerment

SharePoint site members can find and communicate with key contacts and experts, both by e-mail and with instant messaging. Users can search site content easily, and can sign up for alerts to tell them when existing documents and information have been changed, or when new information or documents have been added. Site content and layout can be personalized on a per-user basis, and Web Parts can be used to present targeted information to specific users on precise topics

Management Enabler

SharePoint site managers can customize the content and layout of sites to ensure that site members can access and work with important and relevant information. Member participation can also be monitored and moderated when necessary. Security and task responsibilities are both –flexible and easily accessible. Well-designed lists and entire sites can be saved as templates and reused by individuals, teams or business units across an organization.

Key Benefits

  • Includes such IT resources as portals, team workspaces, e-mail, Presence awareness, and web- based conferencing
  • Enables users to locate distributed information quickly and efficiently, as well as connect to and work with others more productively
  • Supports creation of web sites that increase individual and team productivity through information sharing and document collaboration

Key Group Collaboration Features

  • Microsoft Office System integration : Deep integration with Microsoft Office programs allows teams to collaborate using the familiar tools they use every day.
  • Document collaboration : Document workspace sites take advantage of platform features by providing a document-collaboration space.
  • Check-in and checkout : Documents can be reserved by individual users for updating purposes.
  • Document versions : Document changes are tracked and assigned different version numbers for auditing and rollback.
  • Browser-based customization : Changes can be made in a web browser by dragging web parts onto personal or public pages, then customizing them. Themes can also be applied using a browser.
  • Presence integration : Users can determine the online status of site members quickly by sending e-mail or an instant message, adding the member to a contact list, and viewing current free/busy status.
  • Alerts : A user or site manager can add an alert to a list or list item to receive an e-mail noti- fication when changes are made.